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Making Wiki Voter Guide better:

As you use this website you may notice that many politicans are not covered in Wikipedia. We rely on the global community of people who edit Wikipedia to make it a useful resource for researching politicans. Anyone can contribute in a number of different ways.

Fixing Wikipedia Routing

If you find that a politician's Wikipedia page is not coming up when you click on their name in Wiki Voter Guide, its worth checking to see if there is an article about that person filed under a different variation of their name. There is no standard way that biographies about persons are named in Wikipedia. Wiki Voter Guide generates links into Wikipedia using the name information that we retrieve from Project Vote Smart. Sometimes a biography about a politician has been created in Wikipedia using a name with a slightly different format, such as the use of a nickname or the omission of a middle initial.

For example, Georgian politician Clarence Saxby Chambliss usually goes by his middle name - Saxby. His biography in Wikipedia is hosted under the name Saxby Chambliss: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saxby_Chambliss However, when we pull his first and last name out of the VoteSmart database, of course, we get Clarence Chambliss, from which get generate the following link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Chambliss Fortunately, the Clarence_Chambliss page in Wikipedia redirects to Saxby_Chambliss.

All that you have to do in this situation is redirect the page we are linking to the actual biography page, by starting the article we link to and inserting #REDIRECT [[Target Article Name]] into that page, with the target article being the correct name that the biography was created under. You can read more about Wikipedia redirects here. You can see the Clarence Chambliss redirect here.

You may also run into a situation where our link takes you to a biography about a different person who has the same name as a politician. This more complicated scenario may require the creation of a disambiguation page and a new Wikipedia article about the politician.

Contributing Wikipedia articles about politicans:

There is a need for more objective, honest coverage of politicians in Wikipedia, particularly of politicians running for local offices. Writing political biographies can be a daunting task. Before starting you should read Wikipedia's guidelines on writing biographies about living persons.

Helping Project Vote Smart:

Project Vote Smart compiles all of the data that we use to determine what politicians are running for office in a district based on a Zip+4 code. This information is compiled manually by volunteers. Most of the funding for Project Vote Smart comes from individual members. They need your support.